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My husband and I were first time buyers and we purchased a home in 2008. When we went through the house the owner was fixing some things. Then the Realtor took us through the house , told us it had the potential to be fixed etc. She asked about an inspection in which we told her we could not afford one. I spoke to a lawyer and he told me that we should have had an inspection because we had an FHA loan. Well we went by her word that it needed fixing but not what we had to do. On the seller disclosure nothing was put on it except termites. They had that fixed. When we got into the house we discovered everything hidden. I had an excavator come in this year and he told me the reason for any sink holes in our back yard was because of the house and the structure. So he asked if he could go down the basement. When he went down there he pointed that the cellar at one time had a fire in it and the beams were exposed to the fire. He showed this to me. The house is in a domino effect. The floors were collapsing, they lied about the age of the house, the floors were all sinking. The drop ceilings were covering the ceilings that were all falling down etc. My attorney labeled the house as total loss. We gave up the house because of this. She didn’t even tell us about the front sidewalk that had to be fixed which average over $7,000 in damages. Now we are in a lawsuit with them and the insurance company hasn’t offered us anything. I do not recommend this Realtor for nothing. We are now in foreclosure because the house is not livable. She has denied all accusations that the house is as is. She never research anything on the house. I do not recommend Remax to anyone.

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