My Funding Resources carson California Review


On October 11,2010 I recieved a phone call at my house with a offer for funding resources indicating that they can help me with home repairs grants. They explain to me that the goverment had several funding grants that would help people like myself and my husband because we are retired and of age. “My Funding Resource”” said that we would send my a package with forms for the fundings I can apply too. It took 45 days to receive this package

when I recieved it I applied to everything they requested me too on the package for the goverment funding. When I applied to their so called funding packages “”My Funding Resource”” send me a rejection letter indiciating that program I was applying to was suuspended

but encourage me to continue to apply. After 6 months of no results and rejections of several funding programs I requested that “”My Funding Resource”” return my money back. I have a letter stating that they would gurantee their serive

if there are no funds available for me to apply they would refund my purchase price. I have yet receive this money

it has been several years now and have sent several letters certified mail and requested several time to speak with someone as well as emailing and writing letters. I have kept all my records and reciepts for this transaction.”

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