Legoland Review


The park is overpriced and customer hostile. Parking is $12 even though it is their own lot. On one day the first lot was full and the second lot was blocked by cones. No staff anywhere. People had to break through the cone lines to park. The park is, amazingly, closed on Tuesdays. We had grand kids in from Europe and had paid $288 for 4 admissions. We were told (by 4 layers of management) that all we could do was use the Aquarium and return within 9 days to enter Legoland. The kids would not be returning to California until July. They refused to give us tickets for Legoland only that could be used later than the totally arbitrary 9 day interval EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD COST THEM NOTHING! Their customer service people are inept and unaccommodating. The park’s water fountains are mostly broken–some for a long time judging from the bird droppings on them, forcing you to buy their $3/bottle water. The food of lousy and vastly overpriced. the gift shop prices are outrageous. Everything is artificial and commercial. Save your money and sanity; take your kids to a state park, Balboa park in San Diego, anywhere but here.

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