Klarna Bank Complaint


At Christmas time we brought golf clubs total 482.61 We made a payment at that time for 120.65 then another payment for 361.96 JAN 1 =Total 482.61 All backed up with our bank statements. For a month our account said PAID IN FULL. So last night I wanted to check out the site and IT SAID WE OWE HALF OF THAT 482.61 and we have four installments of 80.32!! WTH. I CALL the company get a lady that I can’t understand only to be told I’ll file your complaint On I wanted to talk to a manger only to be told we don’t have mangers! I am beyond PISSED! Never again with this fraud of a company ! I put stop payments from my bank on this Company! BEWARE DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM

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