Kings of Siam Review


Some latest info. This Kings Of Siam has now changed it”s name from what I have been told to Kiss On Site Pets, otherwise also known as KOS Pets. Do not deal with these people. They in my opinion run a cat mill. The house stinks, the kids are rough and in my opinion abusive to the dogs and I will guess to the cats as well. They are liars and disorganized and only care about money. The cats are underweight when fixed. They are kept away somewhere, I heard the basement. They are nice enough while you are paying but once the cat gets sick, which it will in mist cases, then look out. They are the nastiest people you will ever meet. Look up on the internet how to at least report suspicion on them anonymously. Contact your own vet and they will direct you. You can even report them to Peta. They have just too many cats these people. All their cats are pregnant all the time. I think they may have started out meaning well but it is out of hand out of greed. Perhaps the woman needs more lip injections and that is why they have constant litters? You should be allowed to see where the cats are kept. The dogs also are kept outside all the time, the crave attention they never get. These people are monsters.

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