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I contacted the Brown Real Estate Group using the ‘contact us’ feature on their website regarding a house featured on their site. I received a callback from Kendra Anderson (the agent’s assistant) who said that the agent was busy but she could show me the house. We met at the home in Arlington and she gave me a quick tour. I told her I was interested in making a deal and that is when we went back to her office at 1413 80th Ave SE Lake Stevens. That is when things seemed fishy. nWhen we got there though it turned out to be her house and not an office building. She told me that the Brown Real Estate Group was run out of multiple offices and that this was one of their satellite offices. Before putting in an offer though, she wanted me to put down a deposit in the amount of $25,000 however she asked that I put it in the name of “Kendra Shuldt.”” When I went to my local WAMU to get a money order they cautioned that for my protection they would only make it out to “”Brown Real Estate Group In Trust.”” When I brought the money order back to Kendra she refused to take the money order and accused me of not trusting her with my money and hence she could not sell the house to me. nFrustrated I turned to the National Board of Realtors to file a complaint and that is when I was told that there is no one registered as a realtor under either the name Kendra Anderson or Kendra Shuldt in Washington state! They told me it was a scam and that this person was likely out to steal my money. Moreover the front they are using “”Brown Real Estate Group”” is also likely a front for this scam operation.”

1413 80th Ave SE Lake Stevens, Washington United States of America


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