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I had met Joe Monaco last year and started paying him to generate solar appointments for my clients. The results were fair-ok for a few months | Joe later started his own business and the results quickly turned poor. We had a good relationship with Joe for months, and in May of this year, he began to demand up front payment, even though paid orders were nit fulfilled. We had a balance with Joe of over 15000 dolalrs when he informed me he needed more orders to keep his doors open. As we were unable to send him any more business several days later he stopped taking my calls, disconnected his Linked In account and facebook. he simply stole our money and ran and hid. | He contacted me 2 months later threatening me that if I told anyone that he stole from me, he would come to Boston and harm me. Joe Monaco stole over 15,000 dolalrs from my company, and recently asked me to send him more money | Please be aware if you get a call from Joseph–run as fast as you can–he goes into all business deals with the intention of stealing In the past 2 yeasr he has worked at 4 solar firms and its been the same result Beware !!!!!!

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