Hughes Network Systems, LLC Review


We pay 130.00 a month for 20gb of data for 30 days and they tell you you have used it in around 5 days. They then tell you you have to buy their tokens to last the rest of the month. If you keep track of the data you are using, using their website system, you can see they are taking dating when you are not home or on the internet. When you call to complain you cannot talk to anyone you can understand as they send you overseas but when you want to subscribe to hughnesnet they are all americans. If you question their practices, all of a sudden all your data allowance disappears. We have a small child and there is noway she can use her ipad for educational sites as we cannot afford all the tokens it would require since we already pay 130.00 for data a month we do not get to use. If they take your data for the month they will take it if you buy tokens. When we first signed up for hughnesnet wewere told it was unlimited. Then all of a sudden the data allowance can into play along with buying the tokens. Hughnesnet is a rip off and they are using foreigners to take your data and lie to you. I would not recommend this to my worse emeny. We are trying our best to find another internet provider. We are looking into Exede(wild blue). I have been told they don’t sell tokens.

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