Fred Minassian


WORST CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY! He did not think he had everything under control But in fact nothing was under his control he did not even know the details of our case after being paid 120,000 he lied to my boyfriends family they only spoke Persian so he would tell them something totally different then he was going to be 5 years 10 at most but when it came down to be my boyfriend got a deal for 27years if he did not take the deal he would have been found guilty with Fred as his legal representative did not know anything about our case. I was in his office trying to help but Fred swore he knew it all. I THINK THIS IS HORRIBLE AND I FEEL IT SOULD BE ILLEGAL TO LIE TO a family or your client just to make money! This is Eriks life now, behind bars and her family misses her so deeply. I hate you, you know, it’s an anxiety medication now and does not sleep very well.

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