Dex FX Markets Review


I have seen you write several reviews in your twisted little style while I was surfing the internet. Normally I wouldn’t say anything . But you are a tired little person who ever wrote this review. You should really rethink your position as troll . | Maxx Fairo is the hardest working person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Our city Radio may have not done well No one was scammed the programm just failed ..So what did he do he picked himself up and worked even harder to try something that would yield. One thing you definitely have wrong is that he never hacked anyones radio station you twit he was the owner of all the radio stations and the national stations ran through everyones network… | Also you say he was in crytpo and bitcoins those are not scams they are businesses …Though you are wrong there too he never go into the bitcoin process as a business. | You say You guess that didn’t work becasue he is in a different business ? You know nothing of him but here you are probably some tired radio guy/girl that didnt make it work with him in Radio and decided to take your lack of hard work and blame someone else for your problems… | BTW if he was such a scammer why not come out and say who you are show us proof instead of all this nonesense… Lastly wasn’t OCR like 6 years ago..Seems like you are disgruntle and immature… | I see Maxx Fairo as the most upfront transparent person I have ever met and I am putting my foot down right now for him against this slander… | Good luck to you, NOT

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