China Doll Chows Review


I contacted China Doll Chows about purchasing one of her puppies from specific sire and dam. She had two puppies available. We agreed on the price for full registration and I sent her the money for the puppy and shipping. I mailed the money on 1 Nov 2017 and the check cleared my bank on 6 November 2017. | On 11 Nov 17 she sent an email to say she was sending my money back bacause I had not told her I was a breeder. Since she had purchased a puppy from my kennel and she had my full name I expected her to remember who I was. She still has a dog sired by the dog I sold her in her breeding program. | She contacted me on 14 Nov to say she had changed her mind and would be selling me the puppy afterall. She said she was concerned that the puppy may have contracted coccidia and wanted to have her checked before shipping. I contacted her several times to find out when she was shipping the puppy but received no communication until 25 Nov 17. | She once again tells me that she isn’t going to sell me the puppy. | I requested she return my money by overnight mail. She refused saying she would send it certified mail. As of 2 December 17 I still have not received my money nor any communication. She refuses to return my calls or respond to my emails. It appears her kennel may be in trouble due to excessive veterinarian bills. She shared this information with me. I’m now in a position that I have to seek legal assistance to get my money back. I would not recommend doing business with this breeder.

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