Canopy Construction, LLC Complaint


Dear potential customers, customers, employees and partners of Canopy Construction LLC, This is to bring to your immediate attention, so you may act accordingly, you are working for 3 of the biggest crooks that have ever been in business, Nicholas Kane Zindel, James Trey Gibson, and Andrew James Heape. This corrupt organization also has 2 other companies, which are GZH Enterprises, and Epsilon Holdings. These other companies were formed to divert and cheat you out of your money. I have been in Appleton Wisconsin since August of 2010. Trey, Nick, and Drew waited until John and I collected all the checks, and then decided to cheat us out of our money, which they owe us for over 80 jobs. After extensive research, we have learned some very very disturbing news, that they are in violation of numerous Federal laws, State laws, and licensing laws, and are encouraging you to commit insurance fraud. They have taken the insurance funds and have not paid employees, vendors, governmental entities, subcontractors, and myself, a limited partner. There is a full scale investigation being launched in Wisconsin, (see attached file), as they have been illegally conducting business since October 22nd, 2010. This company will be fully investigated by the Attorney General”s office in Wisconsin, Texas, and Arizona, as well as other Federal, and State Licensing Agencies. All insurance companies have been made aware of their business practices, as well as the insurance commissioners. My recommendation would be that you would leave IMMEDIATELY, and NOT WASTE anymore of your valuable time and energy, knowing that you will never collect. This company will become debunked very quickly. However, even filing bankruptcy will not stop prosecution of the criminal activities that have occurred. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me 24/7 to answer any questions, and I will be more than willing to provide any additional documentation or information as needed. PLEASE DO NOT COLLECT ANYMORE CHECKS FROM CUSTOMERS, AS THEY ARE FORCING YOU TO COMMIT INSURANCE FRAUD, AND KNOWING THEIR BILLS WILL NEVER BE PAID, AND LIENS WILL BE FILED ON UNKNOWING CUSTOMERS. POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, AND CUSTOMERS, DO NOT GIVE ANY FUNDS TO THIS CORRUPT COMPANY, AS YOU WILL BE DEFRAUDED AND CHEATED, AS HUNDREDS OF OTHERS HAVE BEEN. -Mike [protected]

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