Camdon Autosport Raleigh North Carolina


Camdon Autosport Raleigh North Carolina They said that they would sell me a car and then when it was time to do the deal they changed there minds and would not sell me the car for what we agreed upon. Raleigh North Carolina!!. They did not honor the deal we agreed up on. It was a 1990 mustang said I could buy for 11,000 and when I was to pay for it they said NO to the deal. And then put it back up on eBay for sale again for 19,995 and when I kept calling them they would not even want to talk about the price we agreed on but now I could buy it if I wanted to pay 13,250. This is the worst place that I ever had to deal with I guess they knrw me as a woman and just wanted to see if they could just give me a run around are if you want to say the right thing a screw job. Thank you Mr birdsong and Mr Sims.

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