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Camdon Auto Sports Fast Cash For Cars Steven Birdsong is a Thief & Con Artist Raleigh North Carolina!!. Hi Diane; I bought a truck for my son at Fast Cash For Cars (FCFC) on Saturday, June 28th at approximately 7:00 pm. Since it was late on a Saturday, Steven Birdsong, FCFC Owner/Manager, agreed that since I could not get the truck inspected by our mechanic, he would fix any problems discovered during an inspection. To make a long story short, the transmission went out the next morning and FCFC/Atlantic Tire had my sonu2019s truck for approximately seven weeks. We got it back once and had to have it towed back to Atlantic Tire (FCFC uses Atlantic Tire as their repair shop). As of this writing, the truck is basically inoperable and unsafe. The list of known issues: Transmission clunking Brakes scraping Belts squeaking Exhaust leaking Oil leaking Missing lug nuts on two tires A few minor/cosmetic issues It has been almost 3 months since we bought the truck from Fast Cash For Cars and my son cannot drive the truck. My son got repair estimates (he paid $40 to check the transmission and exhaust); he even paid to have the computer in the truck reprogrammed ($385). I repeatedly called, texted, emailed and even went to the Fast Cash For Cars showroom, and no luck. Mr. Birdsong will not respond to me in any fashion. I filed a complaint with the BBB and with the NC Department of Justice. FCFC has several complaints on the web (Google Fast Cash For Cars and read the reviews) and complaints filed with the BBB. Would appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

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