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What a horrible experience! I scheduled an appointment with a time window between 11am-3pm and was told I would be called 30 minutes prior to the arrival of the installer. | The day of the install, between 11am-3pm, no call, no installer, nothing. Half an hour later, 3:33pm, the installer, Paul, calls me to tell me he’s 5 minutes away. I tell him that no one is there any more because it’s passed the scheduled time range and people have gone back to work. He tells me that I will be charged a rescheduling fee for “wasting their time.” | So, they’re a half hour late, and I am apparently wasting their time. | He tells me I need to get someone out there in a half an hour (because I was “being technical” when I told them that they were supposed to give a thirty minute call ahead of time. “You want to be technical, fine we can get technical” was his exact response). I immediately called the main office where Cody–who was the only reasonable person in the entire situation–apologized and said he’d take care of the situation. | Unfortunately, Cody’s boss and Paul insisted that because I didn’t tell Paul that people had left (A. Yes I did, B. Doesn’t matter, they were a half hour late) they would charge a rescheduling fee if they had to come another day. | Paul was rude, impatient, insisted that his lateness was my fault, and projected all kinds of negative connotations onto my tone that had nothing to do with my statements. He also berated me for saying “Sure” instead of “Yes, affirmative”, because saying “sure” made it “…sound like [I] thought [he] was wasting [my] time.” I kid you not, this was literally what he said to me. Not only my tone had to be up to his standards, but also the words I used. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in any capacity. Never, EVER use this company!!

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