Bonham Chrysler Cash Corral


Bonham Chrysler Cash Corral “Home of Family Values” I think NOT! Bonham, Texas!!. I’m hoping those who are reading this have not yet purchased from Bonham Chrysler’s Cash Corral- BUYER BEWARE as I wish I did my homework before throwing away $4,000 cash down the toilet. I am not an unintelligent person and is quiet aware of the meaning of an “AS IS” vehicle. However; One would hope that a $4,000 vehicle would last longer than less of two months. I purchased a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo with 200k miles for an overcharged amount of $4,000. I was fully aware that this will not last me a long period time but clearly, I put too much trust into Bonham Chrysler’s famous slogan “Home of Family Values” and trusted that this vehicle, despite the year and amount of mileage, surely would have been checked prior to selling to what they advertise as wanting happy and repeat customers. Not even two months later, the engine needs to be replaced. Now I’m all out of cash and without a vehicle. My shady salesman, Erik and his associate Jimmy did not even have a care to assist or have the guts to return a call. Their sorry excuse of a General Manager, Mike Bell at least returned the call but politely, informed me there was nothing they could do. I say sorry excuse because, a REAL MANAGER would never tell a customer sorry…tough luck…better luck next time- which in hiding, is really what was said to me. I guess this is the difference between a small country dealership versus the big city dealerships. Here’s a real management tip for you Mike Bell and Eugene Knies, the owner of Bonham Chrysler, HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS, FIND A SOLUTION! TELL ME ANYTHING EXCEPT YOUR s**t OUT OF LUCK! By no means do I expect a refund, another vehicle or a discount for the repairs. I JUST WANTED SOME TYPE OF WILLINGNESS TO HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS. Never the less, nothing will be done as they have already cashed my check and in reality that is all they care about. BUYERS- There are far too many dealerships around to have to settle for a junk lot such as the Cash Corral. The lot itself and the other pieces of crap should have turned me away as soon I pulled in.

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