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Arctic Freeze Discount Auto Repair Warranty for alternator repair not honored Largo, Florida!!. Arctic Freeze repaired my alternator on 10/26/2011. The repair came with a 12,000/1 year warranty. Having just moved to Florida, I thought I had found my new mechanic. Since that time they have looked at my car for other issues and have done oil changes. On September 21st 2018 I left Florida for a vacation to North Carolina. There were a total of 5 adults and 3 children in two cars on this trip. My car broke down on the side of the highway on Sept 29th 2018 with all three children in it. The car lost all power functions and literally shut down while going 70 mph. I was told that it could be a bad alternator so we had it tested once we got the car to an auto parts store. All five adults saw the “fail” readout from the alternator tester once it was placed on the car. We replaced the alternator and continued home. I contacted Arctic Freeze on October 1st to let them know that the alternator had failed and to inquire about how they would make it right according to the warranty. Since that initial call I have been lied to, strung along and listened to false promises of how the owner was going to make this right. The owner, Brett, originally told me that he couldn’t do anything to help me because I bought a new alternator instead of bringing the car back to him. I explained that I had broken down in South Carolina and had no choice but to repair the car there. He had me return the original alternator to him for inspection. After looking at it, he then said that the most he could give me was $140 plus the old alternator so that I could return it to Autozone and receive the $35 core charge back. This wouldn’t have even made me whole (because when the alternator went the battery had to be replaced too at an additional $120) but I told him that I would accept that and I greatly appreciated it. He said he would have it taken care of within a “few days”. A week went by and, even though I was leaving messages with his employees and on his personal cell phone, I heard nothing from Brett. I talked to him on October 15th and he promised to “work on it” and he would get back to me by noon of that day. On October 18th, he called and said there was absolutely nothing he could do for me because I bought it at another store instead of returning the car to him for repair. I, again, explained that it was darn near impossible to do that due to the fact that I was on the side of the highway 500 miles from home with three children in the car. He said that it didn’t matter and that there wasn’t anything he could do about it now. I told him that he was forcing me to take steps that I didn’t want to take. He responded with “Ok. Bye” As you can see, contacting 8 on your side is one of those steps. I haven’t one time been rude to him or any of his employees. To be brushed aside and treated like this is appalling. I was really happy to get involved here and help support a local business. I’m saddened by my experience with this business. I really believed him when he said that he would make it right. I hate that I have to get you involved but I would really like some direction on where to go from here.

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