ALL PRO AUTO REPAIR A COMPUTER WILL FAX YOUR CAR FASTER THAN A DIAAGNOSTIC MACHINE DENVER Colorado!!. I took a 1999 Ford Contour due to the shop due to the engine not going off. The car was first brought in on 5/5/14. The check engine light came back on two days after I had paid a total of $322.88. I brought the car back several times after the date 5/5/14. The light still did not go off after each return for service. I was told the problem was due to a tune-up. Therefore, I took the car back on 3/1/16 and paid $369.00 for the service. After leaving the repair shop the check engine light came back on. I was told that the sensors had been replaced and I had got a good deal. I called the owner back and discussed the issue and was told I needed to take the car where they service Ford’s. During the entire process I found out the owner and his mechanics was guessing as to what the problem was. The owner did not have a diagnostic machine. I found out he was guessing the problem and using the Internet to make the repairs. I got ripped for a total of $692.48. The owner Dave will smooth talk you and rollout the red carpet when you first go there. In addition to this I had took my Toyota there and was told the transmission needed to be replace only to find out an axle was bad. One of mechanics rode along with me and said it was a bad transmission and several other issues. This shop pays the BBB their yearly fee to look pretty in writing only.

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