A+ Contract Management Jim Sadler


A+ Contract Management Jim Sadler Con Man and Fraudster Dont deal with this Liberal Loser Ocala Florida!!. Mr. James Sadler is a conman. He stole my wifes and our money. James Sadler is having people take over payments of already bank owned RV’s in Ocala, Florida. James Sadler took $7,000 cash from me on the downpayment and I have been paying him $440 for the past two years for another 10,500 that I was paying directly to his Wells Fargo bank account as instructed. I loved the RV we had. One day Bank of the West calls us and tells us Mr. Sadler swindled you out of your money and that they had no part in it, they want the RV back. REPO’d. Now I have to break the news to my wife about the Repo.

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